Opening thoughts

If you look at the forums there are a lot of people looking for other people to help them develop their app.  It is good to see that people understand the value of other peoples skills, they know they can’t be an expert in all aspects of creating an app.  This cooperative will help people get together, learn from each other and be better than they were.
Multiple teams will help to create the most creative unique apps out there.  Collectively we will have great test teams, with constructive criticism and a genuine concern on the quality of the apps.
It is a rare situation that you can maintain your current job and help grow your future with your own company.
I believe the way this can work is for the cooperative to…
First, work only on our app ideas, and publish them, while working out the bugs of our corporate system.
Second, we can start to market ourselves to help the average person create his/her app.  Most people have app ideas that are not that unique (just look at the app store) and so these apps can be created without much fuss.
Third, we can start to hunt out app creation for companies.
WHY? …because the easiest way to start a business is when all of your clients are part of the company, we screw up and it becomes a valuable learning experience for us.
Notice I said “I believe…” meaning nothing that I say is in stone.  One thing that I am FIRM about is to not be FIRM in my thought processes.  I know a couple of things, together as a cooperative we know a lot.
I have created some basic categories so we can all throw in a suggestion and create a conversation on how we all think this can work.  Once the categories are established it might be time to do a poll of certain ideas and then change the type color to green to represent a Go with this idea.
See links below for more info on cooperatives, in particular “**Web Collective
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Random thoughts

1.  In order to make it in the APP world you need to increase the odds of finding the next “Angry Birds”, so everyone is encouraged to bring at least 6 solid APP ideas to the table.  If the company has 18 people than 18 x 6 apps gives us 108 apps, edit out 58 apps.  Now at 50 apps we improve our chances 50 times.  The larger this cooperative becomes the better it will be.
2.  Each person is a free agent other than his/her responsibility to develop an app.
3.  You can help build another company you work for or build your OWN companies future.
4.  The cooperative allows all members to do what they do best!  So every step of your app is worked on by the best talent.
5.  Learn new ways to do things with a cooperative (pun intended) colleague.
6.  Benefit from others ideas.
7.  If you are one of the lucky ones that possesses all of the skills needed to create an app, then you should receive 100% of the profits. Let’s say you are an Objective C person and you put in 10% of your time on an app and your team takes care of the other 90%.  Now if you work on 10 apps at 10% that equals 100%.  But you now have 10% of 10 apps that improve your chance of working on that next great app. I would rather have 10% of a winning app as opposed to 100% of a loser.
8.  Competition is replaced with cooperation!
9.  Membership is ownership.
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Post suggestions

“Do you have a post that you would like to see?  Tell me here.”
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“How do we finance this cooperative and what will it cost me?”
1.  Your investment is your skills and time.
2.  You can still maintain your current job and contribute after hours.
3.  Costs (WebEx, Scrum software, etc.) will be split among the members.  When the cooperative turns a profit the members can be reimbursed according to the expense records.
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Schedule – Scrum and other Methodologies

“Please give experiences with scrum or other software and what your suggestion would be to keep on top of the schedule.”
1.  Agilebuddy’s scrum software at an annual cost of $129.50 / 12 people = $10.79 per person annually
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“Security of our Intellectual Property”
1.  Intellectual property is protected, with Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete documents.  Everyone will keep your secret because it will also benefit them.
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Physical Meetings

“If you have access to a meeting area please post here!”
Admin note: I have access to a very small conference room that may hold 8 people.  Also a large meeting area at the same location can hold 50+ people but must be rented for a nominal fee once split among the members.
1.  Meetings will be video taped and have minutes.
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Virtual meetings

“Day to day meetings, and what is the best way to do it.
1.  Online meetings can be done through a web conferencing tool like “Webex”

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“Ownership…who owns the app?”
1.  Everyone prints out what they will present to the team creating ownership and avoiding conflicts.
2a.  Person who has the app idea will have x percentage bonus in ownership.
2b.  The cooperative will own the app with the financial distribution determined by workload per person.
2c.  The person with the app idea will own the app but the cooperative and all who worked on it will receive profits also.
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“How do we distribute work among the members.”
1.   The apps design will tell us who should work on this app.  Every person has either a preference to work on a certain type of app or is better qualified than the others in this area.  We want the most talented person to work on the app, this will allow an app that requires less revisions, works smoother, frees up this person quicker and lets him/her  jump on another project.  The junior members can finish up.  This will be for all teams.
2.  Small teams determine the operation and feel of the app and create a working mock-up.  This will confirm our decision about an app.
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